Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Circle of Life

It was an interesting day a few days ago. In about an 8 hour time span, my children wanted to discuss both birth and death. Although, we started out with death and ended the day talking about birth. Let me explain. I was upstairs in my room getting ready when I heard a blood curdling scream coming from my son. Apparently he closed his pointer finger between the closet doors and it was pinched pretty good. I assessed the situation and was relieved that there was no blood involved. However, one might think Jack got his finger amputated with the way he was screaming. He was very gingerly holding up his hand and pointing to the sky with his pinched finger. I held him in my lap trying to calm him down when he sputtered, "Well I can't hold anything!!!". In an attempt to be funny, I said, "Well just hold stuff with your other hand." To which he replied, "But I need two hands to hold some stuff...I can't hold a plate and a cup...I can't hold a bowl...I can't hold a box...". This went on for about a minute or so with him listing in detail all the things he would not be able to hold since he had one hand out of commission. I have to admit I found it somewhat humorous but was able to contain my laughter until he looked at me so earnestly with his sweet blue eyes, and his quivering chin and sobbed, "Momma, I think I'm gonna DIE!!!!" Is there such a thing as a drama king???

That is the death for the birth. Upon deciding to go for ice cream, I piled into the SUV with Jack, Megan, Grandma, Bampa and Nana. So mind you, we are all piled into this metal box from which we cannot escape until we get to the ice cream store. As we drive by the hospital where Jack was born, I point it out and say, "Jack, that is where you were born!". Megan chimes in on the discussion with, "How do babies get out of the Mom's tummy anyway?". Uh oh. She's six so I figured this question would pop up sooner or later but I was hoping for later and had it visualized a bit different in my head. You know, one night as I'm tucking her into bed, she would look at me sweetly and ask where babies come from. Then I would provide her with the canned response I had planned for months that was acurate without being too clinical... Oh wait... I DON'T HAVE A PLANNED RESPONSE!!! My visual of the situation stops with me saying, "well honey...". So what I did say was "Um, er, um, well, there is a special hole where babies come out.". And I hoped for the best at this point and by best, I mean that she would say, "Oh, ok" and leave it at that. But noooo, then came the flood of questions. "What hole?" "Where is the hole?" "Is it by the rear end?" "Is the hole by the ear?"

So I did what any good mother would do since she was in the far back of the SUV. I pretened not to hear her questions. And what do you know! There we were at the ice cream store! Problem solved and I've got some extra time now to really plan my canned, not too clinical response!

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