Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Idiot of the Day Award

So... let me tell you about my last 90 minutes.

I am on a business trip in San Francisco. I've been here for a couple days so I am really ready to get home. I had my last meeting and rushed to the airport so I could try to get out on an earlier flight. In my rush, I did the self check-in option and to my amazement, I found a standby flight leaving at 11:55 (it was 11:05). I checked my luggage, got my standby receipt, went through security and even had enough time to stop and get a loaf of Sourdough bread (as per Jay's explicit instructions). I then headed over to my gate which confused me because it said Kansas City, not Chicago. Hmmm... over to the departure monitor I go to look for my flight...Nothing. So I stand in line and wait at the Kansas City counter. For about 15 minutes I waited... by now I'm nervous that I'm going to miss my flight at it is 11:35. Finally it is my turn. I get up to the counter and ask the lady to check where the flight is. She says, "Oh, the flight is leaving from this about 12 hours. This is for 11:55 PM." What???!!! So I run out and exchange my stand by flight and had to stand in line through security all over again. Which I could tell confused the girl checking boarding passes through security. I could see the wheels turning in her head "She looks familar... I could have sworn she's been through here before... same hair, same shirt...hmmm... It can't be the same girl though. This one is carrying a 3-foot-long huge sourdough loaf."

Next stop- lunch. Since I had plenty of time, I stopped at a sandwich counter to order lunch to go. There were a couple people ahead of me so I had to wait a bit. No problem. Finally, it was my turn so I ordered my usual, roast turkey on sourdough. I thanked the lady, and headed over to an open gate to sit down and have my sandwich. I checked a few emails and then about 10 minutes later, I finally opened my sandwich. Interesting... I didn't realize turkey looks like corned beef. Crap! They gave me the wrong sandwich. So I looked at it, gave it the sniff test and decided, how bad could it be? I really didn't want to walk all the way back and exchange my sandwich. I took a few bites of the sandwich. Not bad. The gate was fairly empty with the exception of a couple other folks. How peaceful. I looked up and made eye contact with one of the other folks in the gate area right as I was taking a bite of my sandwich... or should I say...taking a bite of HIS sandwich. Sitting across the way from me was the guy who was in front of me in line at the deli. Can you say awkward???? Apparently, he didn't like my turkey on sourdough b/c he exchanged it for a corned beef on rye, too.

Sigh. I'm such an idiot.

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