Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mr. Scott

A few weeks ago, my dad came for a visit. He lives a few states away so his visits are few and far between. He typically comes to visit one time during the summer and then again around Christmas time. Because he comes so rarely, Jack doesn't remember his Grandpa and needs time to acclimate to him being around. I know my dad loves his grandchildren but he is what I would consider to be "old school". He tends to gaze at my kids like they are aliens; not quite sure how to interact with them and I think he may view them more as an interesting sociological experiment rather than miniature sized human beings. Example: during his last visit, I left him alone with Jack for about 10-15 minutes while I ran up to the school to pick up Megan from kindergarten. I figured, it is only 15 minutes, what could possibly go wrong??? I came back to my dad pacing back and forth with this wild look on his face and he says to me, "Uh... well... we had a bit of a problem." I peek around the corner and there is Jack... completely naked sitting on my couch. That sight, my naked son, is a pretty common occurance so I'm still not quite sure what the problem is. My dad proceeds to say, "Well, Jack went poop and decided he didn't want to wear his diaper anymore. He took it off so I made him sit on a blanket and I didn't know what to do with the diaper so I put it over...there.". Ok. I take a deep breath at this point.

Pros of the situation-
1) Everyone is still alive
2) My dad had Jack sit on a blanket
These are both "a good thing" as Martha Stewart used to say.

Cons of the situation-
1) Jack's "bum bum" has not been wiped. Therefore, the goodness of the blanket is offset by the fact that now I have a poop skidded blanket that I need to take care of washing. Still a manageable situation in my book.
2) The diaper that my dad put "over...there" turns out in reality to be an open diaper, face down and still steaming hot...ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER WHERE WE EAT AND WHERE I PREPARE FOOD! (Ok, I admit I don't do much preparing of food but I do set the food there when I pull it out of the microwave but that is neither here nor there.)

EEEWWW- Totally disgusting. Anyway, after about 50 clorox wipes, and a decision to never leave my kids alone with my dad until they are 30, everything was back to normal.

But I digress... on to the latest visit. As I was saying, Jack doesn't quite remember his Grandpa which was very apparent when he kept asking Jay, "Daddy, who is that stranger in our house?" But I must say, I did become alarmed when Jack kept referring to him as "Mr. Scott". This really confused my dad and I just didn't have the heart to tell him the truth about the situation. But here it is... the truth...

Mr. Scott is the homeless man that lives in our suburb. He's pretty much the only homeless person in our town and everyone knows Mr. Scott. I just couldn't bring myself to tell my dad that his grandson thought he was a homeless man. And then I started to think about it from Jack's perspective. They both are pretty bald and have a slight build. Jack also has never been to my dad's house so it is reasonable that in his mind he views my dad as "homeless". Lastly, he didn't seem disturbed by the fact that a homeless man was in our house, just curious about it. I wonder if in his 3-year-old mind, this was his way of expressing his desire to see his grandpa more. After all, we do see Mr. Scott multiple times a week.

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