Sunday, October 7, 2007


I remember being young and having crushes on boys-innocent crushes. However, I was a bit older than Megan when it happened. Times have certainly changed. The other day she mentioned that whenever she has parties going forward, that she was going to invite John M. Unless, of course, the party was a "girl's only" party. Then he would not be invitied. This certainly made me curious. "Why are you talking about inviting John M. all of a sudden?" I asked. Megan leaned in close to me as if to tell me a special secret. "I totally have a crush on him!!!" she exclaimed.

I remember John M. Last year, Megan's best friend had set her sights on John M. and was "crushing" on him. I know Megan is young, but it is time for me to start laying the foundation for her understanding of the rules amongst women. Or what my friends and I referred to in high school as "The Hands Off Rule". Among my friends, if I started having a crush on an ex-boyfriend/ex-crush of a friend of mine, that would not have been acceptable. You had to wait 6 months or more, and seek clearance from said friend prior to pursuing the object of your affection.

So, I take this opportunity to plant a seed with her and I ask Megan, "Does your best friend still have a crush on John M.?" She thought for a moment and replied, "I don't think so...I hope not". "Well, what would happen if your best friend still has a crush on him?" I ask. Her reply was as follows..."Well, that would not be good because then I would have to fight for my man."

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