Wednesday, November 7, 2007

e-mails from a 6 year old

Here are a couple of email exchanges that Megan recently had with her grandparents.

Email #1
Original email from Bampa-

First, Grandma and I are looking forward to seeing you and Jack and your Mom and Dad this coming weekend. See you Friday night. I was wondering where we would sleep!!!!!!!!!!!
Second. I would like to make a doll house this winter in my workshop but I have no idea what should it should be like. If you and Grandma would like to sketch some plans for me to go by, I can make a doll house that you can decorate after I get the wood part built. Maybe you can talk with Grandma about this project.
Love Bampa

Response from Megan

In the first sentence of your email you had "and-itis". And-itis is when you have more than one "and" in your writing. I learned about "and-itis" in first grade. If you want to know more about it you can call Mrs. Campos.

You will sleep in my room. Yes, me and Grandma will draw some plans for the dollhouse that you will make this winter for me and Amelia.

I miss you and Grandma and I want it to be now that you would come!!!
Bye from Megan.

Email #2
Original email from Grandma to Megan:

Dear Megan,

Today I had a terrible thing happen at school. There was a mouse loose in our classroom and I do not like mice...especially in my classroom. I started to jump up on my desk but thought that it was not a good idea for the teacher to jump up on the desk and I didn't get all the way up. I just left the room and got the janitor and told him to get the mouse...which he could not do because it had gone into the heater vent. I think it has a tunnel in there so it can roam from room to room and check out what everyone is doing. He can see which class has the best treats and sneak in at night and gobble them up while we are gone.

My students said it was just a little mouse, but I think it seemed as big as a seems to get BIGGER everytime I think about it. Maybe it was even as big as a DOG now that I really think about it!!!

Someone is putting some traps out so I hope he will soon be gone. I don't wish him anything bad really, but we just can't live together. It's a case of real incompatability....we will just never get along...and I know I cannot teach from the top of my desk. Where would I put all my papers!!!
I thought you would like to hear about my exciting experience. Has your teacher ever nearly jumped on top of her desk? Do you think that would be funny? Would you like a mouse in your room? Have you had any interesting events in your room this week? Let me know if you have, I would like to hear about them.

Miss you and Jack. See you soon. XOXOX Grandma

Response from Megan:
Dear Grandma,

There has been nothing very interesting in our classroom but we have been using magnets to see what they stick to. But they don't just stick to metal that is gray. They stick to brown metal. Mrs. Campos showed us how the magnets stick to the brown stapler and usually we've been learning A LOT about magnets and worms.

Well, not exactly just any worms, earth worms. They have 5 rings for their hearts. Worms can even be flat worms. Worms don't have eyes or hands or legs. They have mucus around their bodies. The mucus is used in two different ways. That is all the ways I know they use it for. They use mucus for their eggs and to help them slide across the dirt and they eat moldy stuff and they eat dirt. I know it sounds disgusting but it's just dirt.

Oh, and I forgot to say Mrs. Campos has never had to stand on her desk and we have an assistant teacher, Miss Vann. And we used to have an assistant music teacher Mr.Pearson but he left towards the beginning of school. And we have a new assistant art teacher Miss Keeyo.

I can wiggle my front right tooth. And when I stick my tongue up to my tooth and push it forwards it seems like it is crooked and I am showing someone.

Don't ask why I put my name all in upper case and highlighted it.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox love MEGAN

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