Monday, January 14, 2008

No Drinking Until You Are 21!!

Many times, I find myself with the opportunity to plant those seeds in my child's head about right and wrong behaviors. As we were out to dinner a few weeks ago, one of those opportunities arose. Jay was telling me a story about kids and under age drinking and he mentioned the word "alcohol". Here is how the rest of the conversation played out.

Megan: "What is alcohol?"
Me: "It's big people drinks, like beer and wine."
Megan: "Can't kids have alcohol?"
Me: "No. It's against the law. You have to be 21 years old."
Megan: "Well, what happens if you drink alcohol and you aren't 21 yet?"
(It is at this moment when I decide to become like a cobra taking the opportunity to strike. I'm going to hit this answer hard and leave no doubt that she shouldn't touch a drop of alcohol until her 21st birthday has come and gone)
"Well, you could get arrested and go to jail" I began. "And, when kids drink big people drinks if they aren't 21, it makes them act crazy" was my follow up statement. By now, Jay was looking at me curiously wondering what I was going to say next. To seal the deal, I finished up with, "And, it can cause you to stop growing!".

Ha! I sat back in my seat and smiled. That should do it-case closed! I looked over at Megan and saw that she had a bit of a confused look on her face and her eyes started to widen like saucers. As her mouth opened to form a follow up question, I thought to myself, "uh oh".

"Does that mean that all the 'little people' drank alcohol when they were not 21???" Megan asked curiously.

Great, now I've done it. My brilliant plan backfired. I proceeded to severely back-peddle and explain that all dwarfs did not meet their fate with a glass of beer but that it was instead an unfortunate chromosomal makeup causing their diminished stature.

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