Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick of Snow

This morning, after another 3 inches of snow fell overnight, we as a family discussed how we were sick of snow! I think we are all ready for Spring to come and are anxiously awaiting its arrival so we can put away our snowpants and boots. Jay told the kids that they needed to "talk to the big guy upstairs" about stopping the snowfall. At this point, Jack walked over to the window and said, "Hi God. Please don't make it snow anymore. Thanks God."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scantily Clad First Graders???

At dinner tonight, Megan was being goofy. She was trying to make us laugh and some things were funnier that others. But that is to be expected from a first grader. She started to make strange, loud noises in an attempt to make Jay laugh. Jay was giving her some "tips" such as
-Don't make weird noises
-You don't have to be loud to try to be funny
-Girls that try to be too loud can be annoying and it doesn't make people notice you more
-Also, girls who wear too little clothing to try to be noticed are annoying, too

At this point, I started laughing and wondered if he was trying to plant a seed with her because I haven't seen that many scantily clad first graders!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's So "Lovish" In Here!

After our family Valentines dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, we made our usual trip across the street to the candy store. Upon looking at all the Valentine's goodies, Jack exclaimed, "It's so Lovish in here!"

Who's the Enemy?

So I went to be the "Room Mom" at Megan's Valentine's Day party yesterday. I thought she would be excited to see me. Boy was I wrong. When I walked in, she hid under her desk and the kid in front of her started yelling, "Now we know who Megan's enemy is!!! It's her Mom!" Nice.

Friday, February 1, 2008

An Old Soul

Last night was Megan's Open House at her grade school. It was pretty much what you would expect. Lots of kids and parents running all over the school. Projects galore set out to impress the parents and convince them that their tax dollars are hard at work in the public school. In recognition for MLK day, Megan's teacher created a cool animated PowerPoint presentation. She had each child in the class give their version of "I have a dream". It was neat because you could hear each of the children's voices and there was a picture with a speech bubble saying what they would do "if they had a dream".

I watched in eager anticipation for Megan's segment to come up. As you would suspect, 6 year-olds tend to think about the same things. The top themes were:

"If I had a dream, I would make sure all pets would have home."
"If I had a dream I would make sure no one littered."
"If I had a dream, I would make sure no one cut down the trees."

And then there was Megan's...
"If I had a dream, I would make sure all the women of the world could show their faces. I could help by talking to our President about that."

I swear, she is an old soul. Months ago, she saw something on TV about the women in Afghanastan that are required to wear the burkas and she was HORRIFIED by it. Apparently, it has stuck with her.

Your Son is a Bully...Part 2

So, Jay went to pick up Jack from day care and he was sitting on the teacher's chair with an icepack on his arm. Apparently, David wanted the toy Jack was playing with and so he grabbed Jack's arm and twisted it. Not good. Jay had a conversation with the teacher asking if David's behavior was targeted only at Jack (it's not) and the teacher told Jay in a hushed voice "he's in counseling". That's all fine and good but if you multiply Jack's two incidents with the other 15 kids in the class, that's a big problem in our eyes.

Add to that the ride home that day where Megan asked Jack, "When you grow up will you let your kids go to that school?" To which Jack answered, "No. I don't want my kids to go to a school where they get hurt." Ugh. Ok, now Jay and I offically were feeling like the worst parents on the planet.

So we put a plan in action. We were ready to make an ultimatum. We had our backup day care plan in place and asked to meet with the directors. I think they knew what we were going to say. We were prepared to say, "Either we go or he goes but we don't want our son around him anymore." As soon as we walked in and sat down, they told us David has been removed from Jack's class... Ah yes, the sweet smell of victory was ours!!!