Friday, February 1, 2008

An Old Soul

Last night was Megan's Open House at her grade school. It was pretty much what you would expect. Lots of kids and parents running all over the school. Projects galore set out to impress the parents and convince them that their tax dollars are hard at work in the public school. In recognition for MLK day, Megan's teacher created a cool animated PowerPoint presentation. She had each child in the class give their version of "I have a dream". It was neat because you could hear each of the children's voices and there was a picture with a speech bubble saying what they would do "if they had a dream".

I watched in eager anticipation for Megan's segment to come up. As you would suspect, 6 year-olds tend to think about the same things. The top themes were:

"If I had a dream, I would make sure all pets would have home."
"If I had a dream I would make sure no one littered."
"If I had a dream, I would make sure no one cut down the trees."

And then there was Megan's...
"If I had a dream, I would make sure all the women of the world could show their faces. I could help by talking to our President about that."

I swear, she is an old soul. Months ago, she saw something on TV about the women in Afghanastan that are required to wear the burkas and she was HORRIFIED by it. Apparently, it has stuck with her.

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