Friday, February 1, 2008

Your Son is a Bully...Part 2

So, Jay went to pick up Jack from day care and he was sitting on the teacher's chair with an icepack on his arm. Apparently, David wanted the toy Jack was playing with and so he grabbed Jack's arm and twisted it. Not good. Jay had a conversation with the teacher asking if David's behavior was targeted only at Jack (it's not) and the teacher told Jay in a hushed voice "he's in counseling". That's all fine and good but if you multiply Jack's two incidents with the other 15 kids in the class, that's a big problem in our eyes.

Add to that the ride home that day where Megan asked Jack, "When you grow up will you let your kids go to that school?" To which Jack answered, "No. I don't want my kids to go to a school where they get hurt." Ugh. Ok, now Jay and I offically were feeling like the worst parents on the planet.

So we put a plan in action. We were ready to make an ultimatum. We had our backup day care plan in place and asked to meet with the directors. I think they knew what we were going to say. We were prepared to say, "Either we go or he goes but we don't want our son around him anymore." As soon as we walked in and sat down, they told us David has been removed from Jack's class... Ah yes, the sweet smell of victory was ours!!!

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