Sunday, March 9, 2008

Asians in Church?

So, before I discuss what inappropriate behavior took place this morning at church, I must provide a backstory to provide context to the "situation". A couple weeks ago, I was on a business trip and went out to dinner with a co-worker. During dinner she told me a couple stories that were so funny, that I literally wept into my napkin. According to the story, her friend went on a date to a Chinese restaurant. Apparently, she had never been to an authentic Chinese restaurant before but had this "amazing" dish. A short time later, she decided she would go back for a second visit to have the same food again. She asked the waiter for the "Po Fly Rye". The waiter didn't seem to understand what she was asking for at first so she kept repeating it, asking if they had "Po Fly Rye". But in actuality, what she was asking for was "Pork Fried Rice".

Now on to today's events at church. As our Priest was getting the eucharist prepared, we were instructed to "bow in reverence". Normally, most of the parishoners just nod their heads to suffice as a bow. I normally do the same. However, this morning for some reason I was distracted. So when the Priest made his request, I fully hinged at my hip and did a full on bow as if I was coming out on stage to applause after a stellar performance in a play. It looked kind of like this (minus the major cleavage)...

I immediately noticed my awkward bow and it didn't go by Jay unnoticed, either. Jay leaned over and whispered to me, "Wow, your bow had a bit of an Asian flavor to it." Of course, I started giggling uncontrollably. Then to pile on, he leaned over and said, "Po Fly Rye." Well, that was it. We tag teamed laughing for a good five minutes. Every time I thought it was under control, he would start laughing again and then the whole cycle would start over. It got so bad that I had to walk out of the church and go compose myself in the bathroom.

So much for setting a good example in church for our children!

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The Floydster said...

I just read this from the list of your favorites. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. The times of laughing in church are too numerous to count, but none of my episodes were as funny as this. I can't understand how I missed reading this when you originally posted and why no one else commented. Its hurt-my-gut hysterical!!!!