Friday, March 28, 2008

Caterpillar Eyebrows

The kids are in bed. It's March Madness. So naturally, I'm on the computer. Jay is flipping through the channels and stops for a moment on PBS. They have a show on about the history of Chicago. I can tell it must be interesting because he stopped changing the channel for 20 seconds. Since it is public broadcasting, they had one of the hosts come on during intermission to ask (beg) the public for money. I looked up from my laptop and saw a big bushy mess. I said, "Whoa, look at that lady's eyebrows!". Jay said, "Look at her belt!". To which I responded, "I can't even see her belt, what with those EYEBROWS!"

It's hard to explain but they were very bushy but then faded into super thin-ness. It was all I could focus on when I looked at the television. It was quite mezmerizing. Finally, after a few more moments of gazing at the screen, Jay and I got on the same page. He said, "You are right. They are so BIG. It's like caterpillars are crawling on her face."

I love it when we see eye to eye (no pun intended).

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