Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm Going to Need Bigger Socks

As I was drinking my coffee this morning to get my day going, Megan wandered over and sat down next to me. We were looking through a Land's End magazine and she was pointing out what she liked and wanted.

Me: "Your nails are getting quite long. Are you going to let them grow long?"
Megan (looking at me funny): "Why are you asking?"
Me: "If you aren't planning on letting them grow, I was going to clip them. But if you are going to let them grow, that's fine too. I was just curious."
Megan (pondering): "Hmmm...Well, I think I might let them grow but then I'll need to get bigger socks."
Me (laughing): "I was talking about your FINGER nails, you nut!"

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