Sunday, March 30, 2008

Imaginary Friends

Imaginary friends are an interesting concept. I can't really recall if I had any imaginary friends as a child. I believe Jay had more of an "alter ego" than an imaginary friend. The story goes that Jay told his mom one day that he wanted to be known as "Spike Thunder Road". Megan didn't have an imaginary friend, per se. Although, when she was in pre-school, she did draw a family picture that included her American Girl doll, Molly. That was more of a case of mistaken identity though, since I had to clarify at the pre-school parent teacher conference that Molly was actually a DOLL, and not our third child.

Jack is a different story. He's had a couple of imaginary friends in his life. His first, and most lengthy, was a boy named Han. Jack sometimes called Han his brother. I'm not sure where he got that name, but Jay thinks it was from Star Wars (Hans Solo). At any rate, Han was around for a while. Jack used to "play" with him all the time and sometimes when he would get in trouble, he would blame whatever it was on Han. We haven't heard much about Han lately but when you ask "What ever happened to Han?" Jack typically responds, "Han got run over by a car so he's dead and went to Heaven."

So, since Han's demise, Jack has acquired a new imaginary friend named Jake. Jack has informed us that "imaginary friends are invisible people that you like and if they get runover, nothing happens." I overheard Jack telling Jay about his new friend. It was quite detailed. I was impressed. "I have a new imaginary friend. His name is Jake. He has a pet dog. It is a pug. His name is barkey. Jake is into Bakugans and Pokemon. He's got all the 'set ups'!"

Yesterday, we went to the library for a while and Jay took Jack with him to look for books. While they were wandering the aisles the following conversation took place (I'm paraphrasing parts as this was relayed to me by Jay):
Jack: "Me and my friend Jake talk about inappropriate words."
Jay: "Oh really?"
Jack: "Yeah, we don't say the word though. We just talk about it."
Jay: "What word is it? What does it rhyme with?"
Jack: "It sounds like... T-t-t-t...uck..."
Jay (not saying anything but certainly thinking how the heck does Jack know that word?)
Jack (continuing to sound it out): "T-t-t...jut"
Jay (translating): "Do you mean 'idiot'?"
Jack: "Yeah, that's the word we talk about but we don't say it.

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