Friday, April 4, 2008

The Bakugans have taken over

The most common word around our house these days is "Bakugan". It is Jack's new obsession. And I don't use the word obsession lightly. I mean it. He's obsessed in a way that reminds me of my "mini obsessions" where it is all I can think about and talk about. Examples:

1) Before I had children, I was on a crocheting binge. I crocheted about 12 or so blankets over the course of a few weeks. I even took yarn and a hook with me when I went into the car. The main thing that stopped this obsession was my cat. He couldn't stop attacking the yarn so I was in daily fights with him and ended up drop kicking him a number of times to get away from the yarn (in hindsight, not the nicest way to treat your pet which is why I am pet-free today).

2) While I was pregnant I had an obsession, okay it was actually more like an eating disorder, with Haagen Daaz Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream. I constantly planned for when I could eat my pint in peace and fretted running out so always ordered another pint as a back up from's delivery service. The main thing that stopped this obsession was getting caught by Jay. I didn't realize that he was getting copies of the grocery list in email until he confronted me with it one day. Quite embarrassing, I must say.

3) After Megan was born, I had a bit of an obsession with scrap booking. I felt this urgency to scrapbook every moment of her entire life to a nauseating degree. Alas, once again this obsession didn't last. I'm not sure what killed my motivation. I sometimes joke that if we disappeared from Earth at this moment due to, oh I don't know...the Rapture or Nuclear War, and people were sifting through our house to piece together a puzzle of our lives, the conclusion would be that Jay and I are the parents of an 18 month old daughter and our son doesn't even exist. (Yes, the guilt over this eats away at me and became much more pronounced the day that Jack saw Megan looking at her scrapbook and asked me very sweetly, "Momma, where is my book?")

I'll leave out the example from High School when I really liked (read between the lines- was totally and completely obsessed with but didn't quite stalk) a guy who never really ever made it to official boyfriend status. At any rate, I mention these examples to demonstrate that it's not Jack's fault that he's coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over Bakugans. I'm convinced it's genetics.

Bakugans have taken our house by storm. There are cartoons of Bakugan recorded on our DVR. Jack is aware that he can also see additional episodes on line (Thanks and constantly requests access to them. Then there are the toys, oh the toys. They are these tiny little balls that roll onto magnetic cards and when they do, they pop open into these little creatures. Jack has about 10 of them but he wants MORE, MORE, MORE! As a fellow obsesser, I can appreciate this and spent the weekend at no less than 4 stores trying to find more Bakugans. But they were SOLD OUT! Even online they are out of stock; If you can find them, they are crazy expensive (law of supply and demand). So until the craze dies down and Jack weans himself from Bakugan, I will be content to hear him play Bakugan with himself (and his imaginary friend Jake) in the other room and smile as I hear him say, "Bakugan BRAWL! Bakugan STAND!"

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Johnny Diaz said...

Hi. My name is Johnny Diaz and I'm a writer with The Boston Globe.
I working on a story about bakugans and I came across your posting. Would you be interested in chatting with me briefly about your son's interest in the game? How he heard about it? How long he plays, etc?

Thank you in advance,
Johnny Diaz
The Boston Globe