Friday, April 25, 2008

Bugs, bugs and more bugs

I'm still away on a business trip but Jay sent me an email yesterday that Jack had some, um... "issues" while they were outside playing. The weather is getting nice in Chicago and hopefully, it will stay that way until mid-June when it will become unbearably hot and sticky and the kids will be banging on the door to come back in because they are either, thirsty, hot or tired. Apparently, we may need to add "saw a bug" to the list of thirsty, hot or tired this summer.

The kids were playing outside and a large fly was buzzing around the tower of our swing set. Jack apparently freaked out. I was wondering how much of last summer's Cicada infestation would linger into this summer. Last summer in Chicago was the 17-year Cicada fiasco and it totally put a wrench in our lives on a number of levels. We couldn't go anywhere outside without the kids frantically looking around in a very Schizophrenic manner trying to find any indication that the Cicada was going to dive bomb their head. When Jay tried to take the kids for a nice afternoon at the zoo, it turned into a disaster. The Cicadas were screaming and one flew into Megan's head and she took off running and screaming. Jay decided enough was enough so he took them back to the car and a Cicada happened to fly into Jack's shirt. He started screaming and Jay took off Jack's shirt in the middle of the parking lot and as he did this, a drop of condensation from his drink fell on Megan's leg. She mistakenly thought it was a Cicada and started screaming. So there is poor Jay, standing in the middle of the parking lot at Brookfield Zoo holding two screaming, crying children. Ah, good times, good times.

But I digress, back to the latest... so after the "bug issue" at the swingset, Jack strolled into our room in the middle of the night and announced to Jay, "I don’t want to go outside anymore. I want to sleep with you." Jay got up and started walking him back to his room Jack then announced, "I'm scared of bees." As they entered Jack's room he asked, “Are there any bugs that suck your blood?” Jay said,“Yes, mosquitoes.” Well this sent Jack over the edge. He started freaking out again and Jay had to calm him down to get him to go back to bed. It obviously had lingering effects since the first thing the following morning that Jack brought up were the blood sucking mosquitoes.

Jay lovingly told me this series of freak outs were obviously my genes. And to be honest, I have to agree with him. I have a severe phobia of bees. I mean, I'll save my kids from a burning building, a speeding train, a falling piece of debris from the sky but if the are swarmed by a bee... sorry kid, you're on your own!!

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