Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chocolate milk side effects

Tonight Jack asked for chocolate milk. That was no big surprise since he always asks for chocolate milk. It was getting quite close to bed time and Jack asked, "Can I have some chocolate milk, please?" I told him, "No. I'd rather you have some apple juice if you want something to drink." I was expecting a bit of push back on this but instead he said, "Oh, okay because too much chocolate milk makes my poops get hurted and it makes them get too big."

And I know I've raised him right (A.K.A brainwashed him) because he not only answered the question of why he couldn't have chocolate milk (which by the way, the difficult poop is essentially why I wouldn't let him have it- not that it was too late for chocolate), but when I brought him the apple juice he provided me with the canned response I taught him... "Thanks Momma. You're the best Momma!"


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