Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Domestic Goddess

Tragedy struck at our house tonight. Jack has this stuffed bear chair and he found a hole in it. He came to me and showed me the hole and then a major freak out ensued...

Jack: "Momma, you have to fix it. You HAVE to!"
Me (being lazy): "Nah, it's fine Jack. It's just a little hole."
Jack (sobbing): "Please Momma.... plllleeeeeaaasse????"
Me(still being lazy): "Not tonight Jack."
Jack (trying to compose himself): "Pretty, pretty please... with love on top?"
Me (thinking- with love on top?? How sweet is that?):"Ok fine. Let's go get my sewing kit."
Jack: "Yeah!!!"
Megan: "You have a sewing kit???"

And therein lies the problem. The sight of me sewing anything is about as rare as spotting a Black Rhino. Megan has a pair of pants that are ripped at the knee and the other day when she asked me to sew a patch on it, I honestly looked at her as though she just spoke to me in Mandarin. So tonight I went to get my sewing kit to make the repair on the bear chair. And when I say sewing kit, I mean a tiny box with the following contents:

-about 20 buttons (none of which I would actually use even if I needed a button)
-a pair of scissors
-some safety pins
-exactly 4 spools of thread (Red, Black, White and Cream)
-about 6 needles
-velcro (not sure why I got the velcro, or why I'm keeping it for that matter. But it is causing problems with the other items in the "kit" sticking to it)

I settled in to fix the chair and started threading the needle. Then I noticed my children. They were watching me closely- watching my every move. I felt like an animal in the zoo. Then Megan spoke. "I didn't even realize that you know how to sew!" she said. I thought to myself, "Yeah, you and me both sister!"


Erica said...

"I felt like an animal at the zoo."

That had me cracking up. Great story. I think my son would look at me the same way if I attempted sewing as well!

Tyler @ Building Camelot said...

That's just too funny. You're one step ahead of my wife...she doesn't even own any sort of sewing kit! Maybe I'll get her one for mother's day :-)

Na...probably not a good idea!
Have a great weekend.