Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Errors in Pronunciation

Both Megan and Jack had words or phrases that they struggled to pronounce. As a mother, in many instances, I found it extremely endearing. As much as I used to love when Megan would call pizza "zeezop" or girls "grills" (that was my favorite... "Look at those Grills over there."), I felt it was my motherly duty to correct her. Because, as cute as I might think it would be for her to walk up to her friends in the hall in high school and say "Hey grills! What's up? Want to head out to the mall for some zeezop?", I've been there. I know how evil teenage girls can be and so as best as I can, I want to give her the best foundation to be the one doing the picking, if necessary vs. being picked on. And yes, I do realize how evil that sounds but hey, that's the way life really works.

Jack has a bit of a competitive side to him so everything is a competition. Everything is a race and he has two favorite phrases when it comes to competition. He either screams, "I WINNED!" or "YOU LOSED". I can't get enough of it. It cracks me up every time.

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