Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I do realize I'm not Emeril, thank you very much

Tonight at dinner Megan announced that she didn't think we should buy chocolate milk anymore. In her words, "Jack is the only one in this house that likes chocolate milk any way so we shouldn't buy it any more. I mean, it has chocolate in it so it has to cost more money."

I thought for a moment and came up with what I believed to be a brilliant retort. "Well, Megan you are the only person in our house that likes Barbies. Maybe we shouldn't buy Barbies anymore." And for added emphasis, I added, "Bam! How about that for a plan???"

As I turned back to the sink, I saw Megan look down into her spaghetti and shake her head at me. I'm sure there was an eye roll in there somewhere. Then I heard her mutter under her breath, "Bam? It's not like you are Emeril."

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