Friday, April 11, 2008

Play it again, Sam

Megan doesn't like her name. She's on this huge kick now where she repeatedly tells me that she doesn't like her name. She has mentioned this to me in the following ways:

"Can someone change their name?"
"How old do you have to be to change your name?"
"How do you change your name?"
"How do people know if you change your name?"
"Do you have to tell everyone when you change your name?"
"Why did you name me Megan?"
"I don't like my name."
"I want to change my name."
"If I could change my name, I would change it to Sam."

Now, when she actually had a name picked out was my first indication she might be serious. It's like when you are buying a new house and you start picturing where you will put your furniture.

My second indication she might be serious were her American Idol songs. While she was playing at a neighbors house, they "wrote" their own songs. Megan sang one to me when she got home last night. I didn't think much about it until I looked at the papers today they had the words to the songs.

Song 1 (exactly as written)
"Your so dear to my heart"
By Sam Wachtel

Oh babby can't you see.
Your so dear to me.
Why you havt to go
and so you know
Your so dear to my heart
That's why I say Babby ok
It's over your so dear
to my heart oh yay
It's trew.
Your so dear to my heart

Song 2 (exactly as written)
What If
By Sam Wachtel

What if she was hert and
you didn't know and it was all
your fallt
What if
What if you were rong.

Song 3 (exactly as written)
For my mother
By Sam Wachtel

I wood becom a waxeser
Just for my mother
I wood becom a sergin
Just for my mom
I wood wack to China
Just for my Mom

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