Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random thoughts from a shopping cart

We took another shot at finding Bakugans at Target this weekend and I'm happy to report victory was mine! Lucky for us, there were restocked shelves of Bakugans. Megan had no interest in the Bakugan review so she stayed in the cart while Jack and I scoured the aisle picking our top 3 favorites to purchase. We picked the top 3 and then greed got the best of me. I started thinking, "What if this is the very last of the Bakugans?" and so I caved and told Jack he could get 4 instead of the originally agreed upon 3. Megan overheard me caving and announced from the cart, "Looks like somebody is spending some money!"

Megan decided she wanted some new hair accessories so in the interest of fairness (and in avoiding a whole meltdown riddled with "It's not FAIR! You like Jack better!" etc. etc.) we strolled over to the hair aisle and this time Jack stayed in the shopping cart while Megan and I reviewed our options amongst all the head bands and barrettes. Megan pointed to some barrettes that were shaped like bugs and butterflies. "Eh, I don't think you would wear those Meg" I responded. Jack piled on with something a bit less tactful... "If Megan got that, it would look gross on her."

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