Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sushi anyone?

From time to time, Megan likes to put on a cooking show for me. She's only six but one of her favorite television channels is the Food Network. In particular, she enjoys Paula Dean, Emeril,sometimes Bobby Flay and a show called Unwrapped. When she's putting on her cooking show, she wants my full attention and so today's show involved what she called "Asian cooking". She has a miniature sushi set that she plays with from time to time. We got it for her about a year ago when her, um... minor obsession with Asian culture began. We aren't sure where the obsession began. We've never been to China or Japan or anywhere else in Asia Pacific for that matter. No one in our family is Asian so we still aren't quite sure where this obsession came from. Also, it's anything Asian in general. She's not quite clear on the fact that there is, in fact a difference between Japanese and Chinese people. At six, I think that is probably okay since she's still sorting it out but if she's 16 and not clear that there is a difference then well, that will probably just be rude. I remember when I was in grade school and a friend of mine was Korean. I called him Chinese one time and he got very angry and made it very clear that he was not Chinese and that yes, there was a huge difference. I still remember the embarrassment I felt because even at that age, although I didn't fully understand why, I realized that what I said was offensive and I felt bad.

But Megan for some reason LOVES anything Asian. For Halloween this year, she was a Geisha. She is fascinated by the stories about feet binding. She enjoys eating with chopsticks... a LOT. She always asks when we are going to China; she's read a number of books on China etc. You get the picture. So this morning when we had our "Asian cooking" show. I sat quietly and watched. She took all of the parts and was mashing them together and she asked, "Doesn't this look tasty?" I replied, "Well, not really. It's all mashed together." Megan rolled her eyes at me and said, "You just don't appreciate the Chinese culture!"

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SF housewife said...

Ha ha, little Megan, it's good to learn more stuff about other culture. I am not sure why your childhood friend react that way, I myself would never get anger if somebody call me Japaese when they don't know me, I guest your friend was too young , did not know how to being polite.