Monday, April 21, 2008

The sweetest revenge

Every morning we drive to the corner and wait for Megan's school bus to arrive. The bus stop is only at the corner from our house but we always drive to the bus stop because after Megan gets on the bus, I drive Jack to his daycare/pre-school. I do realize it seems extremely lazy to drive to the corner, but there is a method to the madness. At any rate, Megan got bored in the back seat and wanted to climb up front with me. Jack had a couple Bakugan's sitting on the arm rest and I didn't want her to step on one and break it because that would cause a whole series of events that would cause our vehicle to implode.

Me: "Megan, be careful of Jack's Bakugans."
Megan: "Why?"
Me: "Well, I don't want you to step on it and break it."
Jack (from the back seat): "Yeah Megan, don't step on 'em."
Megan:"Why not?"
Me:"Because Jack will be very sad if you break his toy."
Megan (teasing Jack):"I am gonna do it. I'm gonna step on it and break it."
Jack (wailing from the back seat): "NOOOOOooooo Megan!!!!"
Me: "Megan cut it out. Quit teasing Jack. How would you like it if he broke one of your toys?"
Jack: "Yeah Megan. If you step on my Bakugan, I'm gonna pull the heads off your Barbies!"


beeker said...

Decapitating Barbie is always a good threat. My sisters use to remove part of my Barbies to get their way.

Deb said...

Tit for tat. I like it!

Erica said...

He's such a little boy! Of course, that said, I used to pull the heads off my own barbies when I was a child.

They sound adorable!