Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A 4 year-old's definition of "Crush"

Jack: "I've got a crush on Kendall."
Me: "Oh really? What do you think it means to have a crush?"
***At this point, I'm expecting a standard answer such as, "It means I like her" or "I want to marry her". However, Jack's definition was a little bit less conventional***
Jack: "Well, when you are standing up next to her, you jump on top of her and start to wrestle with her."

I guess that is one way of putting it :)


Erica said...

How cute! I wish we could sometimes stop time and keep them this innocent forever.

Lightening said...

That is very cute!!! I love kids perspective on life. It's so refreshing. :)

SF housewife said...

Ha, I'd video tape the conversation if I were you.