Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And my two worlds collided

There is a delicate balance between working and mothering. I don't know how women do it when they have their kids home with them all the time. I typically try to (as best as I can) separate the two... and by separate, I mean shipping my kids to school and daycare for a good portion of the day (Oh yeah, I know I'm a shoe in for Mother-of-the-Year using phrases like "shipping my kids to daycare"). Last night however, my two worlds collided. I had both kids home with me, Jay was still at work and I had a late conference call scheduled for 5:00 PM. In my book, that is the worst time to have a call; 5-7 PM at my house is what I call the witching hours. The kids are hungry; they want to play; they want to watch TV, etc.

So right as I dialed in to the conference call, Jack informs me he has to go potty. Fine, no problem. So I put my phone on mute as people are gathering and he's giving me the play by play of the activities in there. "Momma- I'm going pee! I've got lots of pee!" Now, people are introducing themselves on the call. I can tell they are going to get to me any minute and I'm trying to shush Jack. However, now he's calling out to me, "Momma! Momma! I've got poops too. Lots of poops...and pee! I've got combination poops and pee!" At this point I'm running to the corner of the dining room so the people on the phone can't hear my son screaming about his feces in the background to introduce myself while Jack is still yelling, "Huge poops Momma!"


Erica said...

You just made me laugh out loud at work. I've tried the at-home conference calls and they never seem to go according to plan, either.

By the way, stop by my blog. I tagged you in "Crazy Eights." :)

Sarah Brooks said...
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Sarah Brooks said...

Okay, the more I hear about that kid the more I love him. I am sorry for your sake though. My kids go INSANE the minute I get on the phone. They know they can get by with anything!

My daughter always puts her poops into little families. For instance 3 pieces of varying sizes may be a daddy poop, mommy poop, and baby poop! I ALWAYS have to come in to the bathroom to meet the poop family!

Tyler @ Building Camelot said...

Poopie talk always makes me laugh. I haven't had to do a late conference call @ home, but I can only imagine it's coming.