Saturday, May 31, 2008

Easy on the syrup

So this morning Megan was pondering what to have for breakfast. She was zoning in on waffles but let me know that she wasn't sure because yesterday when I made her waffles, I put too much syrup on them...

Me (joking): "Well, all you have to do is tell me to 'go easy on the syrup'."
Megan: "Huh?"
Me: "Go easy on the syrup. It's a saying people use when they want you only to use a little of something."
Megan: "That's creepy."

So I go to make (and by make, I mean put them in the toaster) her waffles. When they are ready, I turn to her and say, "so... am I going easy on the syrup?" At this point I'm pretty much cracking myself up and Megan is huffing and puffing.

Megan (yelling): "YEESSSS!"
Me: "Why are you so angry about it?"
Megan (rolling her eyes): "Because you are annoying me. I'm trying to ignore you because you are annoying me. I'm going to make up a new word, a combination of annoying and ignoring."
Me: "ignoying?"
Me: "Here are your waffles...easy on the syrup!"

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