Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fat Belly

After dinner last night, Jack lifted up his shirt and declared, "Look at my belly. It's fat. I have a fat belly." I assured him that I didn't think his belly was fat, but that maybe he was just full. He kept poking at his belly and responded, "No, Momma come examine it closer."

A short time later Jay suggested we head downtown for some dessert. Jack said, "I don't want dessert. I'm so full my stomach is mad. If I have ice cream, it will make my stomach madder."

Then a few moments after that, Jack stated, "Can we go get ice cream now? My stomach isn't mad anymore- it's happy!"


Erica said...

My tummy could stand to be a little less happy at times - don't think I've ever turned down ice cream! lol.

chris said...

Classic! So what flavor did he order?