Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jack's got a brand new toy

Tonight after baths, the kids were getting into their pajamas. Megan is self-sufficient but Jack still needs a bit of help. He was standing there naked as I went to his drawer to get a pull up. I turned around to find him, uh... I guess the best phrase to use is "playing with himself". I tried to ignore it and had him step into his pull up but his hand didn't move so I said, "Hey Jack, what's going on?" "Uh, nothing" he responded with his hand still glued to his private parts. I pulled the pull up all the way on and his hand now looked like it was down his pants. "Jack, what are you doing? Are you playing with your penis?" He responded, "No, I'm playing with my new toy. This toy is attached to my body! I love this toy!"

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