Sunday, May 4, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

Jay and I went to Jack's preschool yesterday for the semi-annual Parent Teacher Conference. As we usually do, we arrived a couple minutes early. The teachers were talking to the mother of one of Jack's classmates and so we sat down on a bench in the waiting room and waited our turn. After a few moments, I realized we might be here a while. I could see the mother through the window and she kept crying. And it didn't appear that she was going to be turning off the waterworks any time in the near future. At first I felt bad for her but after a few minutes I started to get annoyed. I mean, we were here on time and I realize she's sad and all but honestly, the noise was getting to me. And by noise, I'm referring to the clocks that were behind the bench. Lots of clocks; probably about 12 of them. Each of the clocks were set to a different time zone and unfortunately, they were the kind of clocks that you can hear every tick.

Now, I've always had a thing with repetitive noises. They drive me absolutely INSANE. Whether it's a dripping faucet,our neighbor's car alarm,Jay's snoring or either one of my children ringing the doorbell over and over or saying "Mom, mom, mom, mom"- once I notice it, I become fixated on it. I can't NOT notice it and!

So there we are, sitting on the bench and then I noticed it. The ticking of the clock. But it wasn't just the ticking of one clock, it was twelve- not all simultaneously. So it sounded like this, "Tick,Tock,tick,TOCK, Click,Clack,tick,click,tock,tock,tick, click,CLACK,TICK, tock,tick,click,Tock,tick, TOCK,Click,Clack,tick,click,tock,tock,tick,click,CLACK,TICK, tock,tick,click..." AAAAAARRRRRGGHHH. I tried to keep my composure but after about 3 minutes of that, I looked at Jay and was about to say something about it when he turned to me and said, "SERIOUSLY???????????"

And that is why I love him. Those little moments.

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