Saturday, May 17, 2008

Parlez Vous Dog?

Some of my most entertaining conversations happen while I am in the car with Jack. Yesterday, as I drove him to pre-school, he started talking about dogs. This is an ongoing discussion I've been having with the rest of my family. They all want a dog. I don't. Dogs are okay but I've never been a huge fan. Both Jay and I had dogs when we were growing up and I think it's safe to say, they both fall into the category of Brutal Experiences.

First up- my dog. He was a Shetland Sheepdog named Wylie.

He was always extremely timid and a heck of a yapper! Whenever you would yell at him, he would cower down and pee. When I was young, I wasn't too concerned with the constant barking but once I got to high school, it really put a cramp in my style and made sneaking out (or sneaking in) a near impossibility.

And then there was Jay's dog. He was a black Poodle named Perry.

Perry was, um... well, evil. He didn't really seem to like anyone except for Jay's immediate family. He bit numerous mailmen and visitors. I once saw one of Jay's best friends scramble up the back of the couch and start screaming like a little girl while Perry tried as best as he could to attack him. Perry also had a problem with hoarding. He used to hide his treats, or any other food he managed to get his teeth into, in the Christmas tree. Whenever you went near the tree, Perry started to growl at you which was a less than pleasant experience.

So needless to say, my prior experiences with dogs haven't been emotionally fulfilling. And couple that with the fact that the dog my family wants would be home with me all day, every day while I'm working...I can see it now. Me on a conference call trying to explain our software to a customer with the dog frantically barking in the background...doesn't that sound relaxing???? By default, whether I want it to or not, it means the bulk of the animal care would fall on me. So I've been pushing back. But the family is slowing wearing me down. And yesterday while we were driving in the car, Jack took the opportunity to further chip away at my resolve.

Jack: "Let's get a dog."
Me: "Nah, they are a lot of work."
Jack: "Well, we could get a Pug! How about a nice puppy Pug?"
Me: "I don't think so. You need to talk with your dad about it."
Jack: "Well then, how about a Poodle?"
Me: "No Way!" (insert Perry story from above here) "Plus, dogs are so much work to take care of that I still don't think it is a good idea."
Jack: "But it's okay Momma. I can help. I can speak Dog! Ruff ruff ruff...ruff ruff ruff... ruff ruff!"

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