Monday, May 19, 2008

The power of the phone

We've passed a milestone tonight. Megan's class is having "Twin Day" tomorrow where a couple of the kids pair up and dress alike. Megan was paired up with two other girls so tomorrow will actually be "Triplet Day". Since she's only 6, she hasn't spent much time on the phone and she didn't want to call the other girls. Initially she wanted me to call the parents of the other girls and figure out the outfits they would wear. However, once Jay astutely pointed out that if I called, that would mean Megan wouldn't have a say in what the outfit would look like, she agreed to do the talking.

And that is when I entered the parallel universe. She not only got on the phone with both of the girls on separate occasions, but I couldn't get her off the phone. I felt like I jumped ahead 10 years. I sat back and laughed to myself at the conversation and watched her run between the laundry area and her closet to zero in on the matching outfit.

There were calls, and return calls, and closet checking, and wardrobe changes, and more return calls. Megan: "So, you'll call Brenda and then you'll call me back to see what we are wearing?"

There was discussion about what type of shoes would be best; ballet flats or flip flops? Megan: "So, like... I have this pair of shoes, and my mom calls them ballet flat shoes. Do you have any of those?"

Should they have pony tails or braids? Megan: "Should we do braids? I think braids. Huh? Oh no. My mom can do my braids. You don't have to."

A pink shirt or a brown one? Leggings or no leggings. Megan: "So, like... Do you have any leggings? Do you think we should wear leggings, jean skirt, brown shirt and braids? What kind of shoes?"

When Megan had to use the bathroom, she didn't even skip a beat. Instead of offering a callback, I heard her on the phone still chatting away even through the flushing of the toilet.(Note to self- teach Megan phone etiquette) Although, she did comment about the hardship of the phone. Megan: "Is there a button on this phone that can make it a speaker so I don't have to keep holding the phone up to my ear????"

I thought their little heads would explode from the decisions. I secretly enjoyed watching her as an outsider as she came to the realization that the phone can be a lifeline of sorts. But alas, enough was enough. It was nearing bedtime and the outfits had been decided upon. As I walked into Megan's room, she was laying on her bed,legs crossed, one arm behind her head saying, "So this dog of yours... is it a real dog?"

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