Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taking things to the extreme

I have a bad habit of trying to drive points home to my children to make a point. I don't sugar coat the possible worst case scenario for them in certain instances. All of my "points" end with telling them how they will either be really sick, or really dead if they disregard my advice. For instance, If Jack's finger was too close to an outlet, my typical response would be something like, "If you stick your finger in there, you could get electrocuted and die." Or like the time when I was trying to deter Megan from ever drinking alcohol, although my tactic backfired, I took the approach that drinking before you are 21 makes you crazy... and potentially very short.

Sometimes out of habit, I blurt things out without thinking about the realistic possibility of my threats ever happening. Jay, who is much more rational than I am, understandably gets annoyed with my line of thinking and tries to course correct when necessary. Yesterday was one of those times. We were hanging out in our front yard and there were a ton of bunnies hopping around our yard. I think it was Megan who made the comment about catching one and keeping it for a pet...

Jay: "Yeah, try and catch one."
Megan: "Really??? Can I?"
Jay: "Sure. If you catch one I'll give you a hundred bucks."
Megan (starting to make a break for the bunnies): "Are you serious? A hundred bucks?"
Jay: "Yup. And then we'll go right downtown and you can buy a couple games for the Wii with it."
Me: "Yeah, we can go to the store right after we are done stopping off at the hospital so you can get your rabies shots."
Megan (stopping dead in her tracks, eyes widening): "Huh?????"
Jay (rolling his eyes and sighing at me): "NO! The bunnies don't have rabies. Only like, maybe 3 times ever has an animal ever had rabies."

So the kids resumed running after the rabbits and I continued to ponder the remote possibility that one of them may have rabies.

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Anonymous said...

There's just something overwhelmingly amusing about kids running around trying to catch bunnies (that you know they never will) that seems to force our all thoughts of rabies.

Don't think rabies... think "babies"... bunny babies :-)