Sunday, May 4, 2008

"This is the worst day of my life!"

So Jack and I went to a birthday party today for a girl from his pre-school at Chuck E Cheese. It was supposed to be just Jack at the birthday. According to the invite, it didn't say anything about requiring parents to stay. Once I got there and tried to hand the mom my cell phone number, she gave me the "Oh, you aren't going to stay? I think most of the parents are going to stay." Ugh- okay I guess I'm staying. Jack seemed to have a good time at first but he very quickly got tired and wouldn't eat any cake because "it had princesses on it". I tried to explain that it would taste the same but that wasn't going to fly with him today.

So, Jack and I played some games and earned a whopping 32 tickets for toys. I took Jack to the toy counter and you really can't get much with 32 tickets. I tried to steer him to the trinkets that were less than 30 tickets but Jack had his eye on something else. He looked up on the top shelf and saw this mammoth matchbox set for 3,000 points. I could almost see the glow coming off of it as Jack looked up and pointed to it with his eyes widening. I envision he would have the same look if he were to see the second coming of Jesus Christ. He insisted on having it but I told him no; we didn't have enough points for that. We finally settled on two mini plastic spiders and a tootsie pop. Poor guy- how brutal is that??? I even felt bad for him and it reminded me why I hate Chuck E Cheese so much. What a machine that place is. Come to think of it, I can list about 5 main reasons why I officially am declaring I don't like Chuck E Cheese.

1) You know it's just covered in boogers and germs for starters.
2) Let's talk about the food for a second. It's soooo mediocre it's almost criminal to serve it as far as I'm concerned.
3) They changed the way you can earn tickets on Skeeball. Jay used to be able to walk away with hundreds of tickets which would all but guarantee we could get out of there without any temper tantrums.
4) The toys pretty much suck at the trinket counter.
5) Chuck E the mouse is creepy. Enough said.

So needless to say, Jack left the party pretty dejected. He pretty much whimpered the entire way home and told me, "This is the worst day of my life! Nothing is going the way I want it to today." I told him that happens sometimes and everyone has good days and bad days. I hoped that would make him feel better. It didn't. He said, "Yeah, but that isn't the way I had it planned!"


Daisy said...

Poor Jack! That story makes me sad because he did not get the prize he wanted. If I could, I would share my toys with him. I even have some plastic lizard toys!

Sarah Brooks said...

Hehe, Jack sounds cute! I love that he wouldn't eat the princess cake, too funny! My husband and I, in our next life when we come back as multi millionaires are going to open a restaurant that serves steaks, maybe pasta... grown up food with the indoor play place stuff like Chuck E. Cheese. They're pizza stinks and I LOVE pizza. Loved your story! I found you on mom blogs. I am adding you to my blog roll! Have a great day!