Friday, May 16, 2008

Where's Waldo- I mean Megan

So today was the "Author's Tea" at Megan's school. It is quite an event. The kids spent a good portion of the year researching, writing and publishing stories and today was their day to shine. I always get a tad bit anxious to go to Megan's school events because she usually either ignores me, climbs under her desk, makes weird faces or makes strange grunting noises upon my arrival. Any and all of these actions are met by the other parents with strange looks in my direction. I can tell by the looks on their faces that they either a) think there is something wrong with Megan or b) think there is something wrong with the way that I treat Megan that makes her act that way. Even I still can't figure out if she even really likes having me there or not...sigh.

At any rate, today was no different. I walked in and Megan saw me and ducked behind some other students. It took me a moment to realize that she was hiding from me but I found her, took out my camera and right as I took a picture of her, she threw a piece of paper up over her face. You can tell which one is Megan in this picture because no other children were covering their faces with paper, again...sigh.

So after the kids read their group story, they sit at their desks and all the parents go around and have the children read their stories to them. After the kids read, the parents have the kids sign their autograph books. It's really pretty cute. So naturally, I went over to Megan's desk and took out my camera again. Right when I took the picture, she did this...

And then when I said through clenched teeth, "C'mon Megan!" I got this...

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