Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chewing Gum

For some reason, neither one of my kids had any interest in chewing gum...until tonight. After our dinner, we stopped off at the candy store in our town and Jack insisted on getting some chewing gum. We agreed but knew that it must be done in a controlled environment to make sure no choking occurred. Jack was so excited that most of the way home he kept singing, "Bubbalicious, Bubbalicious! Bubba...licious!" So much so that Megan finally got annoyed with him and pleaded, "Jack, please stop talking about bubble gum!" I had a feeling that this might be somewhat humorous to watch so I got out the video camera. Some parts of it are hard to catch so I must highlight a few areas to note within the video.

1) Jack's pure joy after his first attempt topped with his pose for effect.
2) Megan yelling at Jack that he is wasting food.
3) Jack coaching Megan from the sidelines as to, "that's how you get it done, Megan!"
4) Megan literally gagging while chewing the gum but Jack cheering her on from the background.
5) And finally, Jack claiming to be the "master" of chewing gum after 3 attempts.

And so... in the words of my husband, "Yeah, our family loves gum."


The Aldrich Family said...

pat & i are laughing out loud in our kitchen. thanks for posting!

Ms Picket To You said...

hilarity! but I think I am master of chewing gum...

sea mystery said...

Totally hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen a child who didn't want to chew bubblegum forever. I've known some who will save it and want to chew it the next day. Thanks for the great post. xxoo

Black Hockey Jesus said...

I see the humor, but I'm more perplexed than amused.

Why the hell do your kids spit the gum out after like 10 seconds?

I need an email. I'm with Megan: They're both wasting food.