Monday, June 30, 2008

The F-word

Megan was telling me about the apparent vandalism that took place on the Tennis courts where she takes her lessons. "It's kinda like, um, well it kinda looks like a mushroom but I don't think it's a mushroom. I think it looks more like an alien."

"Hmm." I said. "Is it spray painted on the Tennis court?"

"Yeah. It's like it's paint or something but it's kinda hard to see because it's blackish."

"Well that's not cool that somebody did that." I lamented to Megan as we drove along.

"Mmm hmm. And it also has a swear word on it too." She continued.

"Really? That's not good."

Megan continued to look out the window and with a far away look in her eye added, "Yeah, it's the F-word one."

Gasp! I didn't even know she knew there was an F-word. So I decided to tread lightly on this one. For all I knew, to her the F-word was Fart or Fudge or Fat. "So, do you know what the F-word is?" I asked her.

"Oh yeah. I know what it is."

"Have you ever heard anyone use the F-word at school or anywhere?" I wanted to know.

"Oh no." She responded. "But you know Mom, I do know how to read, you know!"

Good point. I guess I can't shelter her forever... sigh. But part of me still hopes whoever the little turd was that vandalized the Tennis court wasn't smart enough to spell the F-word correctly. Wishful thinking, I suppose.


SF housewife said...

Interesting conversation. Sometimes I have that with my kids too.

faeryrowan said...

Hehe! Sadly, yes, we can't shelter our kids forever. :(