Sunday, June 15, 2008

He's so good he even scared himself

The kids had a great time at Grandma and Bampa's while we were gone. When we picked them up today, we saw all the pictures from their adventures. Lots of playing, lots of fishing (Megan caught two fish but when I asked her if she touched the fish she said, "What do you think??? No! The fish are disgusting!") and lots of pictures of the kids eating ice cream. Luckily we have those pictures, and an email documenting the trip. Here is an excerpt of the email from my Mother-In-Law:

It was so cute. Jack was showing Amelia (my niece) how all the different things worked in the dollhouse. They started playing and Jack said he would be the Daddy who was actually a Power Ranger who hunted for aliens (you know, your typical dad!!) Pretty soon he called out excitedly, "Oh honey, I found the secret passage!"

After a few minutes I told them it was time for bed so they all went right upstairs and each picked out a story to read. We all snuggled into the bed and read each of the stories. Then Megan helped Amelia arrange the bed and they snuggled down to sleep, which is no small task for girls. On the way out I heard Megan say to Amelia..."Now Amelia, no talking unless you have to go to the bathroom."

All was quiet and peaceful on the western front. I could see a few storm clouds gathering so decided to take a quick shower and go upstairs and read, just in case. I was only gone 5-10 minutes....but apparently, I missed the worst clap of thunder! By the time I went upstairs, I was met with all of them and Bampa on the upstairs landing....eyes as big as saucers. Apparently after the big boom which woke them all up, Jack decided to make scary noises from his bed. He succeeded in scaring everyone, including himself!

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