Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's kinda like crack... sort of...

You would think that the more time you spend with your children, the less they would want to be around you. When I'm gone on a business trip, most times when I come home I end up on Megan's "Pay-no-mind" list for a few hours/days. I mean, you would think she would totally want to be around me since she hasn't seen me in a few days.

And take this summer, for example. Jay's done with school and he's essentially running the house and for the most part, he's with the kids 24X7. One would logically assume they would kinda be getting sick of this big guy who is calling the shots around here. (It's widely known that Jay runs-uh, shall we say-a much tighter ship than I do.) But they aren't sick of him. In fact, they CANNOT.GET.ENOUGH. The more he's with them, the more they want him. I swear it's like they are addicted to crack and Jay...well, he is the crack.

Poor guy- he's got 8 more weeks of smothering coming to him.

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