Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mr. Missy

Jack: "Uh, Momma- we don't have Mr. Missy anymore in our class at school."
(Mr. Missy was the tadpole turned frog from Jack's class at school)
Me: "Really? What happened to Mr. Missy?"
Jack: "Uh, he died."
Me: "Really??? That's too bad. What happened?"
Jack: "Uh, well Chrissy from my class dropped something in Mr. Missy's tank and he died."
Me:"What did she drop in there?"
Jack: "Uh, a cracker."
Me: "Oh. She put a cracker in there and Mr. Missy ate it and died?!?!"
Jack: "Uh, yeah."
Me: "Wow. That's too bad. Did Chrissy feel bad about that? Were you sad?"
Jack: "Actually, I'm just joking. Another teacher took Mr. Missy to her room. He's not dead."

So there you have it. Jack at the mere age of 4 has become such a proficient liar that he even had me tricked. Which has me thinking- we are in soooo much trouble when he gets to be a teenager.

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