Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Nipper

Megan completed a week of bible camp where the theme was Australia. Every day, they learned about a new part of Australia (The Outback etc.) I'm not sure what Australia has to do with Jesus but she seemed to think it was interesting and so I'm not going to complain about it. After we picked Megan up, we all headed to lunch and that is when it happened. Megan had Jack cornered. She sensed he was cranky...he couldn't jump out of the car to get away from her...she had a captive audience. She intended to take full advantage of the situation. I saw the glimmer in her eye and the wheels turning in her head. And then the conversation began.

Megan: Jack, did you know you are a Nipper?
Jack: No I'm not.
Megan: Yes you are. At bible camp they told us about it. You are a Nipper.
Jack: Nuh-Uh. I am not a Nipper.
Megan: You are. You are a Nipper. All kids are Nippers.
Jack (getting really upset): NOOOO Megan. I am NOT!
Megan: Yes you are.
Jack (screaming): NOOOOO! I AM NOT A NIPPER!!!
Megan: Jack, listen to me. In Australia, all kids are called Nippers.
Jack: Well, I'm not.
Megan: Yes you are.
Jack: Meeeegggaaan! I am not a Nipper. I don't even speak French!


carolyn said...

I don't even speak French. Classic.

www.startswithanx.com said...

I, on the other hand, would embrace the title nipper.