Sunday, June 1, 2008

Taking it to the limit

Somehow Jack got on the subject of limits when we were in the car yesterday.

Jack: "There are all sorts of limits. Our house has all different limits."
Megan: "Jack, what do you mean limits? Do you even know what a limit is?"
Jack: "Well, limits are where you can go all different speeds."
Me: "Oh, you mean speed limits."
Megan (being the very accurate child that she is zeroed in on Jack's reference to limits in our house): "But not in our house. In our house the limits are on like how much candy you can have and stuff like that. You know, Jack?"
Jack (frustrated because he was talking about speed limits and didn't really want to hear what Megan had to say on limits in our house): "Oh just forget it!"
Megan: "But um Jack, did you know that Daddy has gone more than the limit in the car before?"
Jack: "WHAAAT??? He went up the limit????"

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