Thursday, June 12, 2008

This morning's conversation

I got into Austin, TX last night after midnight. This morning I called Jay at 7:30 which in my opinion is a completely reasonable time to call your husband under most circumstances...except when our kids are at their grandparent's house, and Jay is temporarily living the bachelor life (for 24 hours).

Jay: "Hello?"
Me: "Hey! What's up? How did the drop off with the kids go with your parents yesterday?"
Jay: "Fine."
Me: "Oh man, I didn't get into Austin until after midnight last night. And this morning, I got into a cab with no air conditioning. You would not believe how hot it is here. It's only 7:30 and it's like 85 degrees. It's ridiculous. So anyway, I'm in this cab with no air conditioning and we are driving down the highway at like 60 miles per hour. You should see my hair. It looks like a total rat's nest. Oh, and I talked to Carrie. She's doing good. She and her husband just bought a condo in Naples, Fl so that's pretty exciting! Hey, wait...are you still sleeping?"
Jay: "Yes."
Me: "Oh sorry! I didn't realize that."
Jay: "Well you just were super chatty."
Me: "Okay, well go back to bed and call me later-k?"
Jay(sighing with mild annoyance):"Well... okay."

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carolyn said...

They shouldn't answer if they can't be on board with the morning chattiness.