Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July lessons learned

We decided to take the plunge this year and take Megan and Jack to see some fireworks. In the past, we stayed away from late night events because, well our kids get up early- like before the sun comes up early. And it doesn't seem to matter what time they go to bed, they still get up around the same time every morning. Our philosophy has always been, and continues to be that we will let our kids stay up late on occasion, if they a)sleep in later or b) don't act as though they are the spawn of Satan the following day.

So, we decided to give it a go. It actually turned out as perfectly as I would have hoped. The weather was perfect; We didn't have to park too far from our car; The kids were in good spirits; The woman sitting behind us had a pet goose.

Um, yeah- I'll back up a second on that last point. At first we thought it was fake because the head was sticking up out of a box. But once she took the goose out of the box and it sat on her lap, Megan and Jack had to get a closer look. Megan inched her way over to the lady and Jack just walked right up and stared at her for a second. Jay and I couldn't hear the conversation that took place but a moment later, the kids came back looking a tad bit bewildered.

"Well," I said. "What happened? What did she say?"

Megan shrugged her shoulders and said, "Um, well she said the goose bites."

"Oh, really?"

Megan said, "Yeah." Then she thought for a moment and asked, "Why would someone have a goose that bites?"

Exactly my question too!!! Well, that would actually be my next question. My first question is what the heck is anyone doing with a goose as a pet in the first place and how the heck did she train that thing to sit in her lap???

Anyhoo, as we waited for the fireworks to start, Jay started to get a bit nostalgic and talked about how when he was growing up that his family would go see fireworks, too. "But we would always leave the fireworks before the grand finale." Jay said. "My dad always wanted to get a jump on the traffic."

So we made it through the fireworks, and through the grand finale and headed to the car. We started to make our way out of the parking lot along with everyone else. It was like taking a 5 lane highway down to one lane. We inched along for a moment and then sat in bumper to bumper traffic.

...and we sat...

...and we sat...

...and we sat some more...

...and we sat even more...

And when Jay put the car in park, resigned to the fact that we were going to be there for a while, I turned to him and asked, "What was that you were saying earlier about your dad leaving the fireworks early?"

Jay paused for a brief second and said, "Genius."

2 comments: said...

I don't do public fireworks. My bf says it means I belong to the Taliban. Really, it's because of the freakin' parking. I refuse to deal with it.

SF housewife said...

Despite the traffic, the moment of the whole family watching fireworks counts.