Saturday, July 12, 2008

A blow to the ego

This morning Megan was combing her hair in the mirror and as she gazed at herself she said, "Do you think I look like a teenager? Because some teenagers are adults, you know. Some teenagers are 18 and that makes them adults."

"Not really." I replied. "But sometimes when I look at you, I can picture what you are probably going to look like as an adult."

"Really? Who do you think I will look like? Do you think I will look like you?"

"Um, well actually, I think you might end up looking like Aunt Lori."

"YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to be a miniature Aunt Lori. She's so pretty!" Megan yelled a little too excitedly for my taste. I mean, what's wrong with looking like me? I may not be the prettiest person around but I don't think I'm an eyesore by any measure. And it was at this point that I should have reminded myself of one of my cardinal rules- Don't ever ask a question that you really don't want the answer to. But I asked anyway.

"What's wrong with looking like me?"

"Uh well," you could see her trying to back peddle a bit. "She's pretty. Not that you're not but well, she's like, um pretty all the time."

***Note to self: do some self reflection and see if you've been letting yourself go.***

"Mom," Megan continued. "What's Aunt Lori's job again?" At this point, I could see Megan's mind working. She was thinking about how to look like Aunt Lori, dress like Aunt Lori, marry Aunt Lori's husband, Uncle Billy (but that's a whole other story) and to make the life complete, she was now pondering having the same job as Aunt Lori.

"She's a teacher remember? Why, do you think you want to be a teacher?"

"Uh, not really."

So I decided to take another shot at it. My ego was bruised at this point so I was looking for a bit of redemption. If it wasn't going to be my beauty, certainly she may be interested in my brains, right??? "Well, how about if you look like Aunt Lori, but you could have a job just like Mommy?"

Without hesitation, and with a mild bit of panic in her voice at my proposal, Megan said, "NO WAY! Your job is soooooo boring. All you do is type on your computer and say things like, 'Our product is launching, yeah.'"

Gasp, is she mocking me???

She continued, "Oh and you also say stuff like, 'SHHHHHH, can't you see I'm on the phone?'"

Okay- now I officially feel like a loser.


Erica said...

Love your blog, Jen! I've got an award for you (posted over at mine)!

Carolyn...Online said...

Bitches man! I'm sure you're prettier than that silly old aunt.

Dette said...

LOL - OMG!! See - that is too funny. And don't feel like you're alone.

My 14 y/o was helping me put some reports together yesterday when he said, "I could NEVER have an office job. It's just so... boring! I need to DO something!"

Muthaf- what the hell do you think I do all day? ;)

lol - so I was right there with you. Bruised, but loved.

Hey - drop by at the new place when you get a chance? Would love to see you over there. :D

Corina said...

Ouch. I make the same mistake.... asking the kid if she is going to miss me, etc. I never like the answer......

Anonymous said...

Umm, can't resist a comment any longer! Being the "pretty all the time aunt" and what not...
She just doesn't think you are pretty when you make her behave! AND she doesn't see me when I get out of bed in the morning. I think it all boils down to she wants my man! As evidenced by her previous bedroom shrine of pictures of the two of them... ! ;)