Saturday, July 12, 2008

He's faster than a tractor

I honestly love to listen to Jack talk. I have no idea how his mind works but when he says really random things, I just wish I could get into his brain. Like tonight, he came running in from outside to go to the bathroom and told me, "I made it through the door before the portal closed." Uh, HUH??? Where did that come from?

The other night I hit the jackpot in the video department. I just let the camera roll on Jack after his dinner meltdown. He was stuck in the house (as grounded as a 4 year-old can get although he told me later he thought grounding was when kids were put underground) until he apologized to his dad for his behavior at dinner. But when Jack finally decided he wanted to apologize, Jay was out on the riding mower, cutting our lawn. Jack was trying to convince me it would be a good idea to run to the tractor while Jay was cutting the lawn.


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Carolyn...Online said...

I totally want to make Jack a cape with Super Jack on the back.