Sunday, July 6, 2008

You know you are video taping your kids too much if...

I think I may have been pushing the limit lately on the video taping. My kids are starting to boycott me. Over the last two days, I have more than 5 taped incidents where my kids are asking me...begging just stop taping already!

Megan in particular has acquired a "talk to the hand" approach when I'm taping her. She actually at one point told me, "Talk to the hand. Film the hand but don't film me."

Jack on the other hand started out much sweeter in his approach by simply asking, "Momma, can you please stop doing that?" But once I had him in the car and was taping, I think he started to feel a bit like a caged animal and became a tad more aggressive in his approach by saying, "Maaaaaa-Maaa! STOP. IT!"


SF housewife said...

Where did they get that attitude? My kids love it.

Carolyn...Online said...

You are totally stalking your kids for blog fodder. Love it.