Saturday, August 2, 2008

Darn those stupid Jibbits

Yes, we are one of those families. We allow our children to succumb to most fashion trends. We have Crocs. And LOTS of those Jibbits. Those Jibbits seemed harmless, cute even. But I've discovered the dark side of Jibbits. They are dangerous. I have NO IDEA how exactly this happened but Megan went to put on her Croc the other day and her toenail got caught on the Jibbit and lifted most of her toenail off.

I would have taken a picture of it to post here but since I have "issues" with feet, I just couldn't. I can't recall where my revulsion of feet came from but I just know that it's there. It's haunting and every time I get a pedicure, I look at the lovely woman touching my feet and think to myself, I never, ever want to have your job. Feet just look like. Even nicely pedicured ones just look like little sausages appended to stumps at the end of people's legs. Eeew. Gross. And the thought of sausage-y laden feet touching me is enough to make me want to vomit in my mouth. Just a little bit. I have the anti-foot fetish.

So Megan put on her shoe and started screaming about her toe. Whew, I thought when I realized it was her foot and it happened by Jay. Which I know shouldn't be the normal reaction of a mother when her child is in pain. But we are talking about feet here people. Jay was closest to her in proximity so I assumed since Megan was in his zone, he would handle it.

But Megan had a different plan. "I want Momma." she wailed and came running for me and I thought, Oh God please no. But then there it was- the foot- with the toe nail totally not looking like it should. And to make matters worse, her feet were dirty. No- her feet were filthy. Band aids were definitely in order, and pronto! So I got up to get an ice pack and some band aids. And...uh oh...I started to feel queasy. I looked at Jay and said under my breath (so as not to freak Megan out)"I think I might throw up." And I thought for a minute that I might. But I didn't. Instead I gave myself some Exposure Therapy and forced myself to touch her gnarly looking toe and I covered it up with a band aid as quickly as I could.


Carolyn...Online said...

The fates are making you face your fears.

Twenty-Something said...

I know it's goo to face your fears and all but that is just too much! I think i would have passed out! that certainly would have made the situation better!