Saturday, August 23, 2008

Did the French invent French Toast

A philosophical conversation from the back seat of the car...

Jack: Where do they speak France?
Megan: Jack, you mean "Where do they speak french".
Me: Well, people who live in France speak french. Also, there are some people who live in Canada that speak french, too.
Jack: Do you think the people in France invented french toast?
Megan: Yeah, like did they invent french fries, too?
Jack: Yeah, if it is called french toast, maybe they invented it in France.
Megan: Well, maybe they just invented the french kind of toast. But I think Americans invented just regular toast.

***Author's note: Did you ever have a moment when you either say or spell a word so many times that it doesn't look right and you keep second guessing the spelling? Well, that's what happened with this post. The word french seems so odd to me right now. I've never given it much thought but it's kind of a strange word. Try saying it over and over and then spelling it seven or more times. Yeah, weird.


MammaDawg said...

Their inquisitive minds always crack me up!

I know what you mean about looking at a word too long - I have done that many times. And I keep staring and staring, until I finally have to bust out Webster coz I can't tell anymore - lol!

Anonymous said...

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