Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little musings

Snippets of conversations over the last 24 hours...

Jack: Did you know that microscopic is when something it so small that you can't see it?
Me: Uh huh
Megan (to Jack): Hey! I told you that!
Jack: Uh uh. I already knowed it.

Jack: Did you know that fruit snacks are made from fruit and sugar?
Me: Really?
Jack: Uh huh. And did you know that everything I say that is smart makes my head bigger?


Jack (going potty): Boys stand up to go pee and girls have to sit down.
Me: Yes, that's true.
Jack: But both boys and girls sit down to go poops.
Me: Yup.
Jack: Can you imagine standing up to go poops? Then you could see the super duper disgusting poops!
Me: Yeah, that would be gross.


Me: Megan, you need to go take a shower.
Megan: But I just took one yesterday.
Me: Yeah but you had soccer practice and are all sweaty and gross.
Megan: So you mean I have to shower every Tuesday now after soccer?
Me: Yes. And actually, you should be taking a shower practically every night.
Megan: Awww. Why?
Me: Because as you get older, when you get hot and sweaty, you get stinky.
Megan: Nice joke.


Carolyn...Online said...

Nice joke, mom. Wait til she hears about the other nice jokes coming her way on the puberty train.

Ms Picket To You said...

why does Carolyn get all the funny things to say?

her head is probably gigantic because of all the smart stuff she keep saying. at least that what Jack said would happen. said...

OK, apparently because I have no children and share my conversations with Jake, I totally assumed these were conversations with your significant other. Until I got to the poopies. You can imagine what I was thinking of the significant other until then...

MammaDawg said...

"I already knowed it."

Jack KILLS me - LOL!