Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jack loves Gatorade

No really, I mean it. The kid LOVES Gatorade. He asked me to take this picture of him kissing Gatorade so "We can take this picture to always remember how much I love Gatorade!"

I'm kind of nervous about it though, I must admit. He really does look like he, well- actually loves the Gatorade. I feel like maybe I intruded on a private moment between a boy and his drink. You know what I mean?


Carolyn...Online said...

Parker married a donut once.

Meredith said...

Here comes the bride...all dressed in orange.

MammaDawg said...

LOL! Chocolate milk used to be the favorite drink around here - but your boy and Gatorade, mine and... cranberry juice?

I never would've guessed it. Luckily it's a blend of cranberry and raspberry juice so it's not too tart. What a trip!

Lori said...

He looks really in love. If I could only get my husband to look at me like that!